Contacter AIC
Contacter AIC


The exhibition hall, a XIVth century room, the Great Audience Hall, 52m x 14m x 11.5m, will be the real Conference agora as it will act as a meeting point for all coffee-breaks, lunches and will display the successive poster sessions.

You will meet colleagues, participants, exhibitors and will have fruitful exchanges about all the topics presented at the symposium.

 The CFC team wish to keep a permanent access to the exhibition hall (Great Audience Hall) for the general public visiting the Popes’ Palace (2000 visitors a day in october). Some remains of wall paintings (frescoes) make that place very attractive to visitors.

exhibition map

Want to be exhibitor?

A 3m x 2m booth in the Great Audience Room is available for 3 days (october 7-9th) with installation on tuesday october 6th and dismantling on october 10th. Each company, society, research center, etc. will present its products, instrumentation, demonstration of its knowledge and results, its knowhow. A mutual agreement must be signed.

Your logo will be displayed on the exhibition map and all communication supports. Moreover an hyperlink will be placed on.


Each donation of at least 1000€ permits to dispose of a 6 m² booth for exhibition in the Great Audience Hall.

Each donator will have to sign a mutual agreement for having a stand at your disposal.